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Sunday, February 28, 2016


I've always wanted to go to one of those painting parties.  The idea was super exciting in my head.  Today I finally made it to one, and then I remembered...  I can't paint...

I consider myself a relatively creative person and even artistic by some definitions.  However, the actual acts of drawing and painting have eluded me.  It's probably why most of my kids' early childhood art is either some creative version of a handprint or free form... very free form.  I can make stick figures... sort of.  But the truth is, I'm better with a camera or on the stage. 

I'm not sure an introverted perfectionist who sometimes has had trouble comparing herself with others, lately, could choose a more vulnerable activity than a painting party.  It's a good thing somebody told me how intimidating I am at the preceding brunch.  Because, the facade...  yeah, there's that... always that...

So, I'm really intrigued by the results of these parties.  Frequently, the participants post a picture of the finished products their groups have created.  Interestingly, even though everybody follows the same directions, and there is an example, and a live artist/instructor actually shows you every... single... step; no two paintings ever look the same.  And yet, they all turn out alright.

I took comfort in that, today.  I sat down in front of an empty canvas and thought to myself, "I will probably not be the first person to ever come to one of these parties aspiring to paint a sunflower and accidentally painting a boat or something."  In the end, I did, indeed, come home with a version of "Sunflower at Sunset" over which every single person who lives in my house raved.  It's sitting in close proximity to my "Wake Up, Kick Butt, Repeat" sign... you know, the one that serves as a backdrop for the John Wesley bobblehead.  This post is just  getting way too personal...

I've been talking a lot about how God creates in partnership with people.  There's an interesting parallel here.  Think about this.  What if God creates the canvas and the paints and then we all sit down and start to work on something, given the same basic directions?  What if we all follow those directions the best we can?  What if we all love God with our whole being and love people just like we love ourselves and... also... love ourselves?  I'm willing to bet that your picture will look a whole lot different than mine.  Heck, we might actually end up with sunflowers and boats and abstract designs (may I paint one of those next time)...  But they'll all turn out alright.  And your people will probably even rave.

How about some unity in diversity?


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