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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Via Illuminate

Today I just need to take a moment of personal privilege to let you know what's going on with us...  with my family... with life...

As you know, if you have been a reader here for any amount of time, it is our passion and calling to reach the least of these.  And friends, this is hard, because this means reaching out to people who often have very little and sometimes have nothing at all.  It wouldn't be nearly as difficult if it was a part time gig where we felt that it was sufficient to volunteer a few hours here and there.  The world surely needs people who do that kind of work.  Actually, I think the world needs every single person who loves Jesus to do that kind of work.  But for us, this is full time.  This is life.  We are immersed in this, because we need to be.  I understand, completely, that this is not a calling for everyone.  But it's ours.

Many years ago, some denominational leaders looked us straight in the face and said, "You need to forget this paradigm exists."  The problem with ministering full time to people with nothing is that they cannot support the ministry.  From a practical point of view, the denominational leaders who uttered these words were right.  It kills me to admit this.  But the thing is, I'm not all that practical...

When you have lived among these people who are not a desirable focus group; you lose sight of the thought that they are not desirable.  They become human to you.  And you know that Jesus wants you to reach them, even if the church can't always figure out how that works.

Yesterday, we launched a campaign through "Generosity".  Many of our least of these people got pretty excited.  But the truth is, nothing has changed as far as their ability to support such a ministry for themselves.  They need us.  And we need you.

And so, I think this is the part where I ask for help, which is one of the hardest things in the world for me to do, because I am pretty stubborn about being self-sufficient.  We need a few things.

*We need financial support to get this ministry off the ground.  If you are able to support us in any way, large or small, please click through and get this fundraiser started.  There are tons of details on the Generosity page to help you understand exactly what this dream that God has laid on our hearts looks like. 

*We need speaking engagements at local churches that would be willing to take an offering in support of this ministry.  I think my new mantra might become, "Have words, will travel".  Seriously, if any of your local churches would be willing to have us come speak, that would be phenomenal.

*Of course, above all else, we need prayer.  I never, ever want anyone to think that this becomes the "Well, if you can't do anything else, pray," appeal.  Prayer is essential.  It matters.  A lot.  And please, "When you pray, move your feet" (African Proverb).  Share our page with other people who will pray.  Ask if their churches have a date on the calendar that we can fill.  And then pray some more!

Here's the link:

Love you all.


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