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Sunday, January 7, 2018


I’ve probably spewed the facts here before, but up to 60% of an adult body is made of water, and about 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered with it.  It is not scarce.  In fact, it is seemingly the first material used in creation, and God used a lot of it—in nature and in us.  In Genesis… at the beginning… God’s Spirit is hovering over the water.  In John, we learn that Jesus… God in human flesh—the Word… was present at creation.  And then Jesus not only allows himself to be drowned in the very thing from which all things came (by his eclectic cousin in his camel hair clothes with his locust lunch), but Jesus insists that this must be so to fulfill all righteousness. 

It’s overwhelming!

It’s overwhelming to me, sure; but more than that, it’s overwhelming to creation to such an extent that as Jesus comes out of the water, the heavens are torn open as the Spirit descends on him and God’s voice proclaims his sonship—his “beloved-ness!”

This is exciting stuff!  It’s a lot to take in!  And God offers us this same seal of identity…

Grace is a funny thing, and I am so thirsty…


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