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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Sometimes Losing Yourself is Better than Finding Yourself

Ordinarily, I would not suggest looking for wisdom from Bildad, one of Job's misguided "friends" whose words tend to cut deep as opposed to healing.  Maybe it's because the daily office has been all out of context for weeks.  Maybe it's because I'm just hearing what I want to hear, this morning.  Maybe I've simply lost the ability to be discerning enough to read between the lines.  But something about these words struck a chord with me...  you know, in the midst of desperately trying to make responsible decisions about "rightful habitation" and all... 

Job 8:6-7,21, "if you are pure and upright, surely then he will rouse himself for you and reward you with a rightful habitation.  And though your beginning was small, your latter days will be very great... He will yet fill your mouth with laughter, and your lips with shouting" (NIV).

Most of the time, I probably don't think enough of myself.  Even as I went over these words again... and again...  I wondered, am I pure and upright enough?  Am I pure and upright enough to ask for such a thing as rightful habitation or some great upcoming days?  What about the laughter part?  Because I really love to laugh.  The truth is, I'm not enough.  Not on my own.  But the good news is, I'm not on my own.       

John 7:18, "Whoever speaks on their own does so to gain personal glory, but he (she) who seeks the glory of the one who sent him (her) is a man (woman) of truth; there is nothing false about him (her)" (NIV).

That's the kind of person I want to be.  Created Imago Dei, I want to be so transformed into that image that it is difficult to see me, because all people will see is Christ.  Let's be real.  That is an incredibly unpopular thing to want, even among people who love Jesus.  We are always trying to find ourselves.  I am always trying to find myself.  I've been looking for the wrong person.     

Psalm 18:1, "I love you, Lord, my strength" (NIV).

I'm not that strong, and I don't have to be.  Well, that takes some pressure off, doesn't it?


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