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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Dysfunctional Rhythms

My intent for this post was to veer off a bit from proper sacraments and to seek to explore what it is to live sacramentally by establishing rhythms of life that lend themselves well to the practice of both sacraments and sacramentals.  Well, that’s a mouthful, and this is the part where I admit that the best I can do, today, is to speak to what rhythms might actually fall short of this goal.  It all started with the circus parade…

As it turns out, I write about the circus every four years, in July.  I had no idea this was a rhythm of mine until about three minutes ago.  I hope this is my last circus post, but I know how the cyclical nature of everything works.  In all likelihood, I will write about the circus in 2021, and that scares me a little bit, because I never would have guessed this would be a pattern.

We should be careful which things we allow to become habits in our lives.

Oh, bread and circuses, defined by as, “something, as extravagant entertainment, offered as an expedient means of pacifying discontent or diverting attention from a source of grievance.  The struggle is real.  It’s always so tempting to reach for whatever feels good at the time, but it’s better to develop disciplines that are legitimately transformative instead.

My posts (or ghosts) of circus past lean toward letting go, transition, discomfort, and responsibility.  Oddly, these are all rhythms that may be beneficial or harmful depending on the context.   Interestingly, I’m right there in the middle of them again. 

And so, there’s a good deal of self-reflection happening here, today.  But if you’re interested in some throwbacks (or just some super cute pictures of toddler Miah, because I’m throwing it all the way back to the Mommy blogger days), you could check out the evolution of my circus theology here.

May all your days be meaningful…


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