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Thursday, January 3, 2019

What Should We Be Talking About?

In 2017, I launched the Flip Flops, Glitter, and Theology Podcast, and I had an incredible time conversing with all kinds of amazing people.  It was life giving for me.  I have taken a break from podcasting for the past several months, because things have been crazy, and I figured it was probably better to break than to put out content of subpar quality.  Life is still crazy (let’s be real, that never changes), but I would like to re-boot the FGT podcast with 30 episodes called, “What Should We Be Talking About in the Church?”  My hope is that the transcripts from these episodes might eventually become a book, as well.  Now is your chance to chime in!  If there is a specific topic to which you think we need to give attention, send me a quick message with your proposal, because I have some ideas, but I also know I need to hear from you!  This is certainly open to people who have been on the podcast in the past and people who have not.  And, it doesn’t all have to be controversial (but, let’s face it… it’s me… so a lot of it probably will be…)  


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