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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Oh, How the Mighty have Fallen

I spent some time with my friend, Shelly, today.  There are so many good reasons to keep friends who have known you for decades.  One of them is that they have the best, ridiculous stories about who you used to be.

So as we were talking, Shelly said to me, "I remember this time when you were in high school and you told me that you couldn't drink Fruitopia, because it was a 'New Age' beverage."

I'm so glad I was finished with my coffee, because if I wasn't, I would have spit it all over her... and her sweet toddlers... and her precious baby! 

I really wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry...

I was 100% sure that I had actually said that.  Maybe even 110%.  I am so glad I've grown up a little bit.

Immediately, I felt the need to apologize for who I used to be.  However, the more things we remembered the more it occurred to me that we were probably just doing the best we could with the information we had at the time. 

Psalm 82:7 (taken completely out of context and yet somehow related), "But you will die like mere mortals; you will fall like every other ruler" (NIV).

It's interesting how different things matter to me now.

This is a good lesson, because in another 20 years I will probably care deeply about things that I don't even recognize as important, today.  I sure hope so, anyway, because I would hate to think that I will stop learning and growing. 

There's something incredibly scary about this, though.  It means that I am probably not right about everything, right now.  Well, that's humbling.  I wonder what kinds of things I am currently fighting against with every fiber in my body that I will embrace when I'm in my mid-50s... or my mid-70s... or my mid-90s... (And yes, I'd kind of like to be a centenarian, which is not unheard of in my family, but we'll see...)

I'll tell you one thing, for sure.  I wish I could pop the top on some Strawberry Passion Awareness right now...


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