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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Rhythm and Balance

I generally think the best idea is to write about things I know.  If that's true, this post is not the best idea...  At least not today.

But there was a time, in the not so distant past, when my life had some healthy rhythms to it.  After an extended period of craziness, which culminated in a full month of non-stop motion; it has occurred to me that I am exhausted, and it's more about lack of rhythm and balance than it is about anything else.  This, however, is not a topic I want to discuss today... maybe Monday...

No, today all of this back-story got me to thinking about the rhythms of the sacraments.  It's sort of like liturgy, only bigger.  Instead of a specific liturgy for a period of time; these rhythms can become the liturgy of our lives, and I think that's fairly important, especially when I consider how God imparts grace to us through the sacraments and how very, very much I need grace.

Just as our liturgies for worship are diverse; so are our liturgies for life.  But what happens when these liturgies are disrupted?  I think this is, perhaps, a more real and present danger for Protestants, because we often do not have a community keeping our sacramental rhythms in order for us.  At best, we are sporadic.

What do we do to "re-boot" when we haven't participated in the Eucharist in weeks and confession is starting to sound more like a list of excuses?  When we have all but forgotten our baptism, our identity?

Perhaps to start again, we just need to start... again...

Could somebody please pass the bread and wine?


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